Jimmy’s cackle is a bit scary, but the bright side of this very short clip is….that according to Cam’ron and Jim Jones, there may be a Dipset Reunion record deal announcement soon!
Sidenote: this is an example of what not to do while driving. Talking with friends, using your phone, videotaping, and laughing hysterically.

Now in other music biz news, DJ Khaled’s next album will be on E1 via Cash Money Records. But more interesting is that Khaled may be the first guy to ever document his entire contract negotiation via twitpic. LOL!

Pictography….after the jump

DJ Khaled signs with Cash Money/E1…..as told in pictures:

Picture 9
Khaled and Baby meet up. They will ride to the meeting place aka yacht via Baby’s million-dollar Bugatti. It is a two-seater.

Picture 3
Here we are at the floating conference room. On the plus side, it is luxurious and scenic. On the down side…if negotiations go south, the only way to leave is overboard. Plus side bonus: that would still be dramatic.

Picture 5
Birdman and Khaledman discussing their collaborative plans. Words with “-est” a-plenty. Best, biggest, greatest, bestest.

Picture 6
Khaled and Baby are joined by Slim Williams…the silent Cash Money Millionaire.

Picture 8
Are signing bonuses usually in cash? Things done changed. But that could also just be Birdman’s idea of fishfood.

Picture 10
Khaled tweets: “DEAL IS DONE!!WE THE BEST YMCMB! See live footage from @Derick_G !! Hard work pays off! I’m on my way to the studio!”