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(classic photo of Mike “The Situation” and “The Jersey Shore” boys with model Bar Rafaeli by Terry Richardson)

In case you think you have problems…just be happy that you don’t share DNA with a guy like Frank Sorrentino.
According to TMZ, “The Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is finally legal action against his own dad, Frank, after the old man launched a series of “rant” videos and even a website to humiliate his son.

I’m not saying “The Situation”, that shiny, seemingly coked up, party boy with the old man face, is a role model or anything….but if he turned down his dad’s demands for money, or VIP wristbands at the Hunka Bunka, or whatever, I’m not sure I blame him. Especially after watching these short videos….Yeesh.

Frank: “I put my f–king balls on the line for you, a hundred f–king times, a hundred f–king times…I ask you one f–king favor, you tell me to go f–king be like a regular f–king joe blow and go on welfare? Nah, my son, I don’t do that…..I love my son, Mike. But when you get to the top and you forget where you come from, someone should remind you. I’m gonna remind you.

Watch Frank “remind” his son Mike….that he can be even more of a walking stereotype than his son will ever be….
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The World’s Greatest Dad continues his pursuit of revenge by exposing a delightful anecdote about the time his son Mike The Situation charged a female coworker with sexual harrassment after she performed a BJ on him. *scratches head*

I…I come from a real colored background if that’s what you want to call it…
Oh my god….NO! That’s not what we want to call it! FAIL.
Here Frank Sorrentino tries to explain how he’s a “stand up guy”….which according to his definition is “If you gotta do something, you do it….you gotta break somebody’s f–king leg, you break it.” Yeah, yeah, sure.

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And wait….if you were dying to know what Frank “The Sourgrapes” Sorrentino thinks about his son’s fellow castmembers…Merry F–king Christmas.

“If I was a woman [going to Rutgers], I would want my tuition back. couse possibly what could [Snooki] tell anybody? other than how much d–k she sucks….four foot eleven piece of s–t, that’s what she is.”

Stank Frank clowns Ronnie for crying over Sammy. I’m beginning the think that “The Situation” is remarkably well-adjusted considering his Neanderthal parentage.

Frank likes Vinny, but didn’t like Vinny making out with his daughter. And your point is?