(screengrab of Joe Budden’s webcast when Rae and crew walked into the room, via DdotOmen)

Earlier this evening, Joe Budden was broadcasting live on his BlogTV channel, from his dressing room backstage at the Rock the Bells tourstop in San Bernardino when Raekwon and 5 of his crew came in….and, according to Joe, an altercation took place that was caught on tape by Rae’s IceWater TV crew.

Immediately after the incident, Joe fired up his live webcast again, and said:

“They came in here with a goal, to catch the fuckin’ Blog King slippin’, and have the big…punch me in my eye. So I guess it makes me look soft, because I didn’t fight the 6 guys?…them n—as came in here like this was Staten Island…like, do they know where we are?
They gonna come in here, they gonna punch me in the face, then shake my hand. Force an apology out of me. Out of all the times Joe Budden has apologized, that IcewaterTv apology, I didn’t want to do that….then they just gonna go off and perform and do a show? I am a lil’ confused by that.”

Joe seemed to be taking the scuffle in stride, but did say that he was worried about the rest of his Slaughterhouse crew, who may not find the altercation funny. During the webcast, we also hear Joe’s manager Crystal and others discussing how they would proceed with the rest of the tour. They also expressed surprise at Rae’s actions because tensions between Joe Budden and Wu-Tang seemed to be at a cease fire ever since Joe and Method Man had their face-to-face talk backstage at the Jones Beach tourstop on July 19th.

According to sources within the Icewater camp, the motive behind the confrontation was this video that Joe posted right after his talk with Meth [UPDATED NOTE: Mickey Factz has clarified that Raekwon was mistaken about the timing of this video, the video was shot in Boston, the day before the Jones Beach show and the Meth and Joe talk]…as well as Joe’s “No Comment” record, which Raekwon perceived to include subliminal shots towards him.

In the clip, Joe Budden says:

…being that Method Man was somewhere minding his own business and really didn’t have anything to do with the point I was trying to get across I owe him an apology…now, I’m done talking about the entire Method Man, Slaughterhouse, Wu-Tang, everything. Joe Budden is wiping his hands clean of it. From this point forward, if anyone of them n—as say something to me that I do not like, or if any one of them say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is over, and the no comment is over….Slaughterhouse vs Wu-Tang s–t is blasphemous. but I’m no chump….if n—as are gonna keep saying, oh, Joe Budden look like he’s callin’ the cops….Method Man, I apologize…but anybody else associated with that n—a, who feels like my name can just roll out of their f—ing mouth…do it from now on, and it won’t be nothing Royce or Crook can do to stop what I’m gonna do.

RELATED: Joe Budden’s song “No Comment” which was recorded before the peace-talk with Method Man. (via Nahright)

[audio:Joe Budden – No Comment.mp3]

UPDATE: More angry confrontations just popped off backstage after Raekwon’s set. According to witnesses, Busta Rhymes is trying to calm down Raekwon and Crooked-I is trying to calm down Joe Budden…

UPDATE 2: here’s 93.5 KDay personality, Devi Dev‘s timeline from backstage…

Picture 2

UPDATE 3: The police did not arrest anyone, Slaughterhouse were able to get onstage and do their performance. (I’ll let you know if the drama was mentioned on stage later)

After the jump….watch a clip of Joe Budden talk about his injury, his apology, and then Joe hears what Raekwon and crew said to Rock the Bells staff after the incident…

(Rock the Bell’s staff) “[Rae said] ‘Yo, on my children, no one was supposed to get touched, dude got jumpy, touched him, shouldn’ta happened, that was not my intention.'” (Joe)“Why are you telling me this? I hope you’re not insinuating what I think you’re insinuating…”