On the latest episode of Peter Bailey’s NBC Nite Cap, he sat down with Waka Flocka for a candid sitdown on a lot of issues outside of the normal questions usually thrown his way. He talked about about maturing, defended Chief Keef, and even talked got political for a quick second. At the 4:53 mark, Waka is asked: “What is one issue you would want Obama to focus on?” His answer may really surprise you…
(spotted at Nahright)

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“Saying hip hop doesn’t owe the community is like trying to cook chicken soup without the chicken,” explained Waka back then. “I’m a different kind of dude bruh.”

“If I was being all the way wrong I won’t be doing what I’m doing because I’m a son God…I’m teaching people,” he says. ”I know right from wrong, once you know right from wrong you walk your path. It’s not about how I start, but how I finish.”

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