File under: mildly ironic bodyart, things I learned from twitter, things that you’ll regret later

According to BonnieFuller, this pic shows Rihanna’s latest gun tats. Obviously in the general context/timing of things, Rihanna’s new tattoos are a bit um….odd. But maybe they’re empowering to her. Also…if she wasn’t a popstar with a recent controversial domestic violence incident with her pop star boyfriend…then this tattoo would be pun-tastically hilarious. Like something Steve-O would do. (but he’d probably get them much bigger, and with something raunchy coming out as bullets).

RiRi has a knack for getting sexy tough-but-cute tattoos. But I wonder if they look bad when she puts her arms down…..

(spotted via Toure)

UPDATE: well, thank you to sharp-eyed readers like Nightfall, Reeg and more who pointed out that these were just stencils and that Rihanna ended up getting the real tat on her ribs under her arms…(like a realllly reeeally tiny shoulder holster?)….you can read about that on Smoking Section. Looks less cute/ironic/humorous there…more random.