Last night Lil Wayne tore down the Beacon theater, bringing out guest stars like Kanye West, Juelz Santana and of course his daddy, the Birdman Baby.

Weezy also showcased his new guitar-playing skills (which is a whole different issue that I can’t address without sedation). And closed out the killer show with Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over.” He performed both freestyles and hits, and basically worked NY into a tizzy. However, he did not address recent comments by Jay-Z (“Put you all in your place / Like I’m replacing your father), the Clipse (“If you wobble dee wobble dee, you can’t be a legend“), or 50 Cent (“A whore sleeps with whoever will pay them. So we gotta call him a whore.”)

Weezy did take time to complain about how police were treated him backstage, mainly because, according to inside sources, security and po-po wanted to put their hands on him to search him before soundcheck. In hindsight, airing those grievances onstage may have not been the best idea…because right after the show, police pulled over Weezy’s tourbus, and arrested the rapper eater for possession of a 40 caliber pistol.

Just an hour earlier, Ja Rule was arrested after joining Weezy onstage. Police found a gun in his Maybach and took him away in handcuffs.

Yes, these arrests were all made by the NYPD’s Intel squad. Which is actually the infamous “hip hop police unit” that we’ve all heard about. (Kudos to them for finding a much cooler name. Sounds like something out of a Bourne movie.) Now obviously the Intel squad have a massive hard-on for arresting any and all rappers. Which is kinda sorta profiling, and unfair.

But since that is the case, and non-debatable….how about NOT carrying your gun with you while you a)blaze piff in your tourbus which has your mug plastered all over it, b)speed up the westside highway with your cronies in a 350k car with rims and tint. I dunno, just a thought. (if you’re clean, then by all mean, stunt like you’re doing it for TV.)

(and dont give me that “rappers need guns for protection” crap Thats what off-duty cops are for)