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Mikey: Check out what down this holiday weekend before it’s back to work tomorrow morning. Rihanna sings “Russian Roulette” on the UK’s X-Factor, Lady Gaga x Kid Cudi in Montreal, Chris Brown’s interview w/ Whoo Kid, and more after the jump.

(Lady Gaga x Kid Cudi “Make Her Say” in Montreal via RR)

(Beyonce ABC I Am Yours Special via Yardie)

(Kid Cudi x Drake in Toronto via ATF)

Chris Brown Interview with DJ Whoo Kid

“Why did he choose to put Cassie in his new video? Did he really call Jay-Z a cornball on Twitter? How does Chris feel about the fans reaction to his situation? What is his focus now? What can people expect from his new album Graffiti (coming December 8)? Did he really want to marry Natalie Nunn from Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club?”

BlackStar on Jimmy Fallon