Vitaminwater and The Fader’s #uncapped concert series rocked Brooklyn last night for the first time this year. Guest performer Solange drew fans to a secret laundromat that was transformed into a mock stage for one night only. The Atlantis Super Wash Center was still filled with various arcade games, candy-dispensers and overstuffed laundry bags but also a small hoard of fans. As a BK resident herself, Solange treated fans to a full set of old and new material (which included a cover of Nivea’s Laundromat. ha!) At one point a couple even showed up with a huge bag of dirty laundry not knowing what the heck was going on. The host of the night, Miss Info, also spoke to Bey’s lil sister after the show. Stay tuned for more on that because they had an incredible chat about her upcoming move to New Orleans.

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