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On the eve of his album release, 50 Cent went to Las Vegas to screen his movie BISD at the Core DJs Retreat. He also flew in his signed author aka Rick Ross’ contentious ex-girlfriend aka Tia Kemp, along with her 3 children (including her youngest son, whose father is Rick Ross).

Along with going to the big Pacquiao vs Cotto fight (sheesh, Pacman was a beast)….50 and the Kemps went to visit 50’s pal Floyd Mayweather…who coincidentally has been beefing online with Tia’s youngest son’s father, Rick Ross. (Rick Ross/Triple C’s “Go”…and Mayweather/Freeway Rick Ross)

hmm. So…on one side of the debate: 50’s machiavellian (not makaveli-an)  photo-op is diabolical and shameless. And Tia’s complicity won’t get her profiled in Redbook anytime soon.

Then on the other side: Its been proven in court that Rick Ross has not fulfilled his legal responsibility to his son with Kemp. And that’s just a financial measure of fatherhood, not even all the emotional and physical support a child needs. So, with that in mind….is this trip to a new and exciting city with your mom and older brothers, visiting a famous athlete’s beautiful home and hanging out with him, meeting big stars…how can you say that this little boy (who has suffered health problems) shouldn’t have that experience? Can his joy be separated from the irony or the motivation?

UPDATE: According to reader Grand, 50 Cent told the Russ Parr radio show that Floyd Mayweather is the one who flew him and Tia and the kids out to Las Vegas. Ah haa….so perhaps it was all Floyd’s idea? Also, he would have all the tickets to the boxing match. But I’d imagine both him and 50 cooked up the part about bringing Tia.

UPDATE 2: After the jump, I added the video footage of the Floyd Mayweather house party, including when Diddy and director F.Gary Gray join the gathering. Again, those kids look like they’re having a ball. One of my friends said he disapproved because later in life, Lil’ Ross would resent his mom for doing all this. I don’t know…

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(Thisis50 has more pics, but I only used ones where both the kids and their legal guardian, Tia, are pictured)


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