When he wasn’t getting into shoving matches with Twitter trolls at WWE events, Wale spoke with MTV this week about his upcoming LP, The Album About Nothing. The MMG rapper revealed he’s been in the studio with two names already: J. Cole and DJ Premier. Though he didn’t tell us what we can expect from these collaborations, Wale also announced that the project is being A&Red by Brock Korsan (aka Brocky Marciano) — the guy who brought together Wale and Ab-Soul earlier this year.

Looking to get his Kanye West on, Wale also discussed his plans for his Every Blue Moon imprint, which he hopes to take into fashion and art, as well as music.

Read Wale’s quotes after the jump…

On new album:

“I’m working a lot,” the rapper told MTV News. “I’m doing a lot with J. Cole. I worked with DJ Premier so far. And I’m working with a lot of producers under my camp, Every Blue Moon.”

On Every Blue Moon imprint:

“Every Blue Moon is my imprint,” he explained. “It’s not just for recording artists. We’re collaborating with painters. I’ve collaborated with [visual artist] Jay West. He’s not signed to me, but I’ve collaborated with him. We’re gonna do a lot of stuff in the fashion world, as well. I’m working with my man Brock Korsan, he’s A&Ring the project, along with Dallas Martin. And I’m doing a lot of things with Nicky Diamonds.”

“I just wanna affect the culture and wanna be able to support young people with goals that aren’t just limited to rapping and producing.”

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