Continuing their conversation with Waka Flocka, The Combat Jack Show discussed his fallout with Gucci Mane. Their separation has been a hot topic of conversation since their public twitter battle during this year’s Coachella festival. Furthermore, Waka dissed Gucci at the Dipset 10th anniversary show in New York, but with Gucci’s incarceration Waka has remained relatively quiet on the their issues. Leave it to the Combat Jack Show to get Waka to really open up about his true feelings about Gucci. He explains that he’s simply over being disrespected and isn’t concerned in the slightest bit about what Gucci has to say.

“I don’t know what secret feelings that man got,” Waka says. “From my personal opinion it gotta be jealousy or envy or something.”

Gucci has taken some shots on Twitter against his former protege. “I heard he said his Twitter got hacked,” Waka says in response. “I guess God hacked it.”

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Waka Flocka Recalls Getting Shot on Complex TV’s ‘Combat Jack Show’