Waka Flocka Flame paid a visit to MTV’s RapFix Live on Wednesday afternoon. The main topic on viewers and fans wanted answers on was the status of Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane’s relationship following their war of words on Twitter earlier this month. During his sitdown with Sway, Waka says he doesn’t believe Gucci’s Twitter was hacked as his reps have said in a statement.

“Nah, that Twitter wasn’t hacked because we had a conversation before that. Real aggressive words like, ‘N—a let’s get up, let’s do this’.”

While he wouldn’t reveal the source of their recent rift, Waka states he’ll never do business with his former friend. At one point referring to his recent legal problems and interaction with fans.

“It ain’t gonna never be no business, ever in life. No music or nothing. I don’t feel nothing he say out his mouth. It ain’t real.  He ain’t it, he’s bad vibes around me. I greet fans; he punches fans. It’s a difference.”

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