The rapper that doesn’t care about lyrics has made his way onto MTV’s highly debated Hottest MCs List. Coming in at number #8, Waka Flocka Flame’s undeniable energy and passion have helped him stake his place in Hip-Hop this year.

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(Read commentary from the MTV staff on why they chose Waka for the #8 spot after the jump….

“[Waka] put out three consistent records in a row,” MTV senior producer Rahman Dukes said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “He’s coming out a region that’s known for putting out one great record.”

“He’s not the most lyrical dude,” MTV News senior writer Jayson Rodriguez admitted, defending Waka’s place on the list. “But these joints, they’re ubiquitous. You can’t go places without hearing ‘O Let’s Do It.’ You hear it everywhere.”

“There’s always been a lane for different artists who just control that ‘get drunk, get crunk, just go hard’ … and those artists usually haven’t always been the most lyrical,” said MTV News supervising producer Sean Lee. “Right now, he’s owning that lane.”

MTV News’ Shaheem Reid agreed. “When I listen to Waka, it just takes me back to the audacity when Onyx came out, that spirit,” he said. “You put the song on, you go into the club, and you just gotta be prepared for anything.”

“I feel like that’s a question of commercialism versus what’s hot in the streets,” said RapFix editor Hillary Crosley. Dukes added: “Waka, he has the soul of the streets right now.”

Lee felt that Waka’s music, because it’s so hard and so raw, hits listeners in a way that B.o.B’s shimmery pop tunes can’t. “You hear the B.o.B records, and you’re like, ‘I like that. It’s cool,’ ” he said. “But it doesn’t bring out the passion.”

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