(First pic of Weezy out of the bing from DJ Scoob Doo (by Stacks, spotted on IFWT)

Weezy is Free. Free is Weezy!

My long-suffering MTV colleagues are camped out by the Riker’s Island visitors’ lot for Lil Wayne tonight, along with TMZ, Pitchfork, and others. (Jayson/MTV even tweeted about gussied-up women dancing in the parking lot. Fail.) Cops tried to disperse the crowd by telling media that Wayne was being held an extra day.  But meanwhile, Weezy-pals had fans thinking he had slipped past the crowds…

RickyRozay: “just talk to @birdman5star … #weezyfbaby back!!!! #priceless

JPrince713: “weezy home!!!!!!!!!!!”

But that was either preemptive, or…Rick Ross and Jaz live in the future. At 4:29am, Nicki Minaj tweeted, In a few more hrs #Weezy’sHome.” And the hardy MTV crew also updated with this:

3:57 A DOC spokesman wouldn’t confirm anything, but simply stated, “He hasn’t been released at this time.”

3:36 Rikers Island Corrections Officer Carl Caraballo told MTV News, “I’m not a department spokesman, I’m just letting you know he’s not getting out tonight. Probably tomorrow.”

The flim flam! Because at around 5am, the Dept. of Corrections website confirmed that Dwayne M. Carter Jr was released.

Update: His bodyguard Stacks tweeted “Just got lil wayne from jail” with a photo of the entourage gathered for bro-hugs and high-fives. They are on 134th in Queens?! I see  DJ Scoob Doo with his camera too. (thanks to NYCChuck)
Picture 44

Update 2: According to Miami’s BallerAlert, Wayne is already coupled with former Flavor of Love star Candace “Black” Cabrera, who has been allegedly “holding him down” during his bid. Were they dating before he went in? Photo of Wayne’s possible safe spooning** partner….

and more Weezy Day goings on….

And my “If I were Weezy” alternate itinerary…

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Picture 45
(Candace “Black” Cabrera. *blank stare*)

Update 3: The homie Scoob Doo is already filming Wayne for the next installment of their Nino Brown DVDs. Looking forward to seeing some of that ; )

Weezy’s Itinerary: After getting out, Wayne will likely get on a private jet, head home to Miami, then Arizona for his court date on Friday, then Las Vegas for Drake’s show on Saturday, and back to Miami for a party at King of Diamonds on Sunday (which Hot97 is sending a lucky contest winner to attend, lol).

**Now, I’m not surprised that he’s running such a celebration gauntlet, but…if I was just getting out of a jail bid (with the last few weeks done in isolation), the only thing I’d be tattooing onto my body calendar would be 1) hug kids, 2) safe showering, 3) hay boo *wink*, 4) safe re-showering, 5) cookiedough, 6) movies-on-demand, 7) safe spooning, 8 ) play with kids, 9) court, 10) FaceTime with my accountant, 11) studio. Repeat.

What’s hilarious is that when I tweeted my “alternate itinerary,” many guys (like TeamSupremeLee) said, no way…food should be #3. Even better was Groovy Griswald‘s lyric tweet: “@Missinfo “Shawty look good/with them hairy legs/Wish I could cut her up/but my stomach come before sex” (c) Khujo Goodie” and the best was CaughtintheWeb‘s response: “@Missinfo why not pull a costanza?

To which I can only respond: DYING DEAD DEADER DONE! omg.

The one and only Bubba Clinton (the cool Prez) shared his welcome-home-Weezy sentiments (if he had done this while in office, the Limbaughs would have turned it into a whole nother Marc Rich scandal, but anyhoo)
Weezy’s final jail letter: “The End of a Long Journey”
New Music: Lil Wayne “30 Mins to New Orleans”, plus Mack Maine, N.E.R.D., Swizz Beatz x Estelle, & more

Weezy’s pops phoned in Big Boy’s neighborhood to breakdown Weezy’s next few days.