Mikey: The certified queen cougar, Ms. Vivica Fox appeared on the Mo’Nique Show last night and when asked about her past relationship with Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, it looks like her emotions got the best of her. She also mentions that their relationship was genuine but that people got in 50’s ear and caused the break up. (Props to NecoleBitchie via DimeWars)

“When I dated “Curtis”, I met him as “Curtis” he just happened to be a rap star. We went out too fast, we were very excited about each other and wanted to scream at the top of our lungs “I’m in Love”. Then people got in his ear and we unfortunately broke up. Then there was albums and songs and statements that I will say a young man made but now he has grown up….and he came to me as a man and said “I’m sorry”..and I forgave him. That was hard. And I was so glad I had a wonderful family, especially my daddy who said “He didn’t make you and he sure ain’t gonna break you”