The good folks at TheĀ FADER have been releasing high quality footage of Biggie doing his 1,2 thing at the Kmel summer jam in ’95. The Bay area crowd got one hell of a show until the weather got so hot that the records started melting on Big Kap’s turntables. Yes, this was way before Serato was popping. Imagine if have these “DJs” still had to deal with these kind of issues.

Anyway, here’s a clip of it actually happening and Biggie “spazzing” on Kap in front of the crowd, before storming off. Later, Kap explained that he thought Big was dead serious and went to apologize in his dressing room, only to find Biggie chilling with a bunch of chicks, laughing. Apparently, he just made a scene so the audience wouldn’t think it was him messing up. Ha!

Here’s a bonus clip of crew performing “Warning“.

On a related topic, Biggie’s son CJ just answered a few questions from The BVX surrounding his role in the new Will Ferrell flick. Read what he had to say about working with Will and how he came to play his father in Notorious after the jump…

BJ: What attracted to you to the role?
Kenny was the kid that I’m the opposite of. He’s like really lonely, not athletic kid, doesn’t do much, doesn’t really have friends, only has his sister to look out for him because his mom works all the time. All he does is ride his bike around his neighborhood where Nick (Will) lives. His best friend is an alcoholic who’s losing his wife. He sees Will as an opportunity just possibly to get a friend. No matter if he’s a crazy drunk or whatever. It was kind of a way to draw Kenny in to him, asking so many questions why, why do have so much stuff on your lawn, why do you keep drinking beer…It was almost like a good challenge for me to do it, to see if I could pull it off.

BJ: You’re the son of the most perhaps beloved rapper ever, the Notorious B.I.G. Do you ever think about doing music?
CW: [
If I did music], I feel that a lot would be expected of me, and I’m definitely not up to where my father was. Acting just came randomly. I wasn’t even into it at first. When I did ‘Notorious,’ my grandma, Ms. [Voletta] Wallace, she told me that I should come in and read for the part as my father. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to do it because it seemed so likely for me to do it, like Biggie’s son is going to play Biggie. After I had my acting coach and really read through it, I started to find out things that I didn’t know about him. Then I took more of an interest into it. It was actually fun, going out to New York, living like him, going into his old apartment, doing what he did. It was cool.

(read the full interview here)