vince staples highly questionable

Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones have shared plenty of laughs with plenty of rappers on Highly Questionable, but their conversation with Vince Staples was more harrowing than hilarious. The 22-year-old MC discussed in detail the almost unavoidable prospect of getting caught up in gang life for black or brown kids growing up Long Beach. Sharing his own life experiences, Vince talked about getting kicked out of school at 19 and seeing almost all of his childhood friends get killed or incarcerated. It’s because of that that Vince understands the importance of maintaining a broader perspective on life.

I know that life is much bigger than what I can do or what anyone of us can do if we don’t help the next man or help the next person, so I just try to not take those things for granted. Being in jail for the rest of your life is being dead to me. And being dead is a very real thing. So I don’t want all of that to be for nothing, and if I’m one of the only ones left, I might as well try and tell some body about it or do something about it.

Watch Vince’s interview below…

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