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Hot97 has uploaded some of the epic Kanye West interview from yesterday’s Angie Martinez Show. We get to see the laid-back energy of the studio and Kanye’s dandy-suit-steez that he refers to when he tells Ang and Enuff that he has a responsibility to look fly all the time….

Watch the clips after the jump….

(ok, trust me, I’m as confused as you are about the tiny video size. But I’ve asked around, and I can’t seem to adjust. I’ll add a new version as soon as possible. However, big up to the hardworking Hot97 TV team for the quick turnaround and the nice clean footage, they are not responsible for the player issues.)

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How cute is this pic of Ye with Angie’s son Niko and Enuff’s son EJ!! Love Niko’s tough face and EJ’s hardrock stance, lol. Hilarious.

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