Mikey: On Jan. 19th, Jim Jones is set to finally  release The Ghost of Rich Porter mixtape. The project was inspired entirely by the former Harlem drug kingpin who was also portrayed in the ’02 film, Paid in Full. Just last month, Jones explained to Complex Magazine’s Joe La Puma why he chose to record an entire mixtape named after Porter,“When it comes to Rich Porter, he was a very instrumental person from Harlem as far as the days of hustling. He set the precedent for my generation coming up. Watching the hustlers, the fast cars, pretty girls, and the fast money and things like that. And the story that goes behind it as far as the love and the betrayaThis is Harlem history.” – Jim Jones

Now with the project dropping in just 8 days, Jones goes further into detail on the symbolism of Rich Porter and the different aspects of the project.

(Props to DukeDaGod)