Well that was fast. Last night while I was on air with Funk Flex, Cam called me to catch up. He recently came back from a cruise and missed all the Kanye West vs Taylor Swift drama at the VMAs. So he actually hadn’t hear “Runaway” at all…..
A few hours later, he and Jim Jones were in the studio recording a freestyle over the “Runaway” beat with a new hook: “Let’s have a toast for the pushas, lets make a toast for the strippers, to the connects when we re-up…”

But in the 2nd part of Jim and Cam’s twit-video from the night, Cam hits Kanye below the belt….
“Kanye, you a sucka n–ga….”

Watch after the jump

“Kanye, you a sucka n—a, dissed Dame so my attitude is f–k a n—a….” (spotted at ThisistheDream)

Well, Jimmy says he’ll be sending over the freestyle soon….so let us fasten our seatbelts.

Update: Nation/Nahright points out that very recently, Cam and his manager Big Joe were showing Kanye some love on ustream.

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