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Last night, Jay-Z continued his promo run for Decoded by visiting David Letterman. The two talked about book, his greatest hits collection, growing up in Brooklyn during the 80’s and more. This didn’t go as smooth as their past meetings and for some reason David was really pressing to hear Jay talk about the crack epidemic/drug game when growing up, shouldn’t he know about that already?

Props to Yardie

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After the jump Jay continues his promo tour on CNN Money and talks his new Roc Nation signing with MTV News…..

Jay- Z appears on CNN Money to talk the blueprint to success, Warren Buffet, President Obama, his new book Decoded plus much more.

MTV’s Sway sits down one on one with Hov to talk his latest signing to Roc Nation, Mr. Jay Electronica and his relationship with Dr. Cornell West. For much more clips from Sway & Jay-Z’s sitdown check them out here.