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After reporting the backstage account of Drake’s scary collapse, then the disturbing photo from a fan, then the encouraging tweet from Drake’s hypeman, Niko, and finally Drake’s own optimistic tweet (above)….I knew it was only a matter of time before the videos of tonite’s drama would hit youtube.

(Thank you to reader Gerard for one of the links, and to the speedy audience members with the cameraphones….)

Drake performing “Best I Ever Had” and suddenly falling to the stagefloor around the 34-second-mark….terrible : (

Obviously, Lil Wayne had no idea if Drake’s injury was serious or not, so he tried to keep the show going and the mood light…but it is awkward in hindsight hearing him say….“This n—- really got a bad leg, I thought that was just on the T.V. show…Give it up for Drizzy Drake.”

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this choppy clip gives an idea of the confusion on the stage and in the audience after Drake is carried off stage….Lil Wayne isn’t sure what’s going on so he tries to keep the mood light and the show moving…


Drake reassures his fans and thanks them for support via his friend’s twitter

Photo: Drake’s onstage injury

Breaking News: Drake twists injured knee and collapses onstage in Camden, NJ