Yesterday, we pondered the idea of Omar from The Wire (well, actor Michael K. Williams) playing the indomitable Ol’ Dirty Bastard on the big screen….today, another interesting bio-pic casting. BBC in the UK reports that Usher has been cast to play oddly dainty boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard in a major motion picture called Hands of Stone. The movie is centered on the life story of Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran to be played by Gael Garcia Bernal, and Robert De Niro is also part of the cast.
Comparing the faces of Usher and Sugar Ray, I can definitely see some resemblance, right? Especially with the “what, me worry?” raised-eyebrow expression. And Usher dance skills will be over-qualified for Sugar Ray’s less dignified Dancing With The Stars flashback ; )

When Roberto Duran first fought Sugar Ray Leonard, he beat him so badly, legend has it, Leonard’s wife fainted in her seat. But during their infamous rematch, Sugar Ray toyed and taunted Duran so much, he quit before the final round.
Watch footage of the epic Roberto Duran vs Sugar Ray Leonard bouts…
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Robert Duran quits mid-fight, against Sugar Ray Leonard, 1980