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yes, well its all over the news. As guests were brushing their waves and lotioning up to go to the Hamptons estate of LA Reid for the wedding of the….um, weekend. Usher and his prego fiance Tameka were deciding how to freeze 20 pounds of crab claws for later….lol, ok, maybe not, but something like that was going on…

Usher and Tameka released a statement on Sat (thru their 3rd publicist this summer, the very professional and respected Patti Webster) that said “It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond, IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected.”

umm…not a chance. The speculation has the media already goin’ crazy…

People Magazine says:

” Saturday’s canceled wedding of Usher and Tameka Foster – who is due to have the couple’s baby this fall – was the result of the past few bumpy days for the couple, a source tells PEOPLE.

At issue were family matters and the event itself.

“Usher’s mother [and former manager, Jonetta Patton, whom he fired in May] is against the wedding. That is one of the main obstacles,” according to the source, who also said of the bride, 37, and groom, 28: “They only decided two weeks ago to have a wedding. They wanted to have it take place before the baby bump started showing.”

But as another source tells PEOPLE: “Usher changed his mind.”

Usher (full name: Usher Raymond) and Foster, a stylist, also “had a lot of differences about the details. For example, the bride wanted barbeque, [and] he wanted to have [renowned chef] Jean Georges cook,” said the source.

As a result of the differences, the wedding “was on again off again for the past few days. [Foster] was calling it off because she wasn’t getting the things that she wanted. The mother was calling it off. … Usher was calling it off.”

“The tents were up,” an insider tells PEOPLE. “And they paid all of the people, the vendors, so that wasn’t an issue. … Hotel rooms were an issue. Janet [Jackson] was coming, but she had eight security people. Ashanti and Nelly were coming.”

The source added that it was a possibility that the wedding may still come off. On Saturday, however, Webster would not comment on whether Usher and Foster were still engaged or even remained a couple.”

And then TMZ wrote……

He’s got it bad: The nuptials for R&B smoothie Usher and girlfriend Tameka Foster were called off, but that hasn’t stopped would-be wedding guests from grumbling about gifts.

Reports the Daily News, the millionaire couple registered for their wedding at Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. Among the items on their wedding wish list, $8 asparagus tongs and a $4,000 espresso maker. Some guests thought the registry was tacky.

“You’d think that he’d invite people to give to a favorite charity,” the source said. “Does he really need another toaster?”

But I agree with LT Dinwiddie from the Sohh’s ATL blog. He thinks the real reason Usher got cold tap shoes, was because…oh, I dont know….maybe a little article in that bastion of reliable journalism (ha) The Enquirer. Tameka’s own sister sold her soul and told The Enquirer about Usher’s future baby mama’s sordid past…..including petty theft (Noo!), welfare fraud (Whaaa!), and an ex-boyfriend thug who was shot down (Burn her at the stake!)

Click here to read all the ridiculous details from Tameka’s shiesty-ass sister, Valencia…. Gotta love this quote: “The 36 year old bride asked her father to give her away at the wedding in the Hamptons. But Tameka threatened to ban her mother from the ceremony—because she had lost her false teeth! Tameka told her, “You’re not coming to my wedding without teeth!” says Valencia.

Hey guess what. I stole a lipgloss from a drugstore in 3rd grade and my mom made me return it and apologize. I regularly look for broken parking meters so I can park for free. And on a more serious note, I also dated a very good person who was passed away from gun violence. Which I only say to say….So Friggin’ What.  That Enquirer story is bulls–t.

But Usher and Tameka are still a trainwreck. And I just put a bag of popcorn in the micro’……