Blogxilla from GlobalGrind posted word from a “family source,” which does not seem to bode well for Shyne…
(Note: Shyne’s lawyer has not confirmed nor denied this development, but he has confirmed the seriousness of the immigration inquiry)

…[the] family has been told to prepare for Shyne to be deported. They’ve reached out to Gov Patterson, but this issue is out of his hands because it’s a federal issue so there isn’t much he can do. He is trying to pull some strings but things are not looking good for Shyne Po. Let’s pray for Shyne… Shyne has only learned of his pending deportation only 3 hours ago. This unfortunately set back is causing a lot of chaos and drama for a family who has been w/o Shyne for the last 10 years. The family has reached out to Gov. Patterson but word is and I quote “It does not look good

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