This photo of Remy Ma (far left) and Makeda Barnes-Joseph (far right) from Barnes-Joseph’s myspace:

remyma-makeda #1

here’s what I just aired on my news segment on Saturday: “I just spoke with Hot97’s very own Lisa Evers, her police sources confirm that that detectives are looking for Remy Ma because of a shooting that took place about 3:5Oam by the Pizza Bar in the meatpacking district. Lisa’s sources say the 23 year old female victim was in her Nissan Maxima when she got into an argument with a woman believed to be Remy. The woman was shot in the torso. Allegedly the female shooter then jumped into an Escalade and drove off but the truck crashed at Little West 12th Street and the passengers fled on foot. Sources say that the SUV was registered to Remy Ma. ”

UPDATE Monday July 16th, 2007:

I dont usually pay the tabloids any mind but they have quotes from the victim in her hospital bed, which isnt good news for Remy. Having talked to her many times over the years, she’s always been a very colorful and nice gal. But then again, I’ve never been in a dispute with her. But in response to what some readers are posting, being gangster and being right or being smart are not often synonymous. And I’d much rather be the last two….
One side note, I didnt realize that Big Joe is her manager. That’s also Cam’ron’s manager.

Here’s the Daily News story from today’s paper….

Hot-tempered rapper Remy Ma shot one of her best friends over missing cash and then searched the bleeding woman’s purse instead of calling 911, the victim told the Daily News.

“All I heard was the gun go off,” a sobbing Makeda Barnes-Joseph, 23, said from her hospital bed at St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan. “I couldn’t believe she shot me!”

Barnes-Joseph was in stable condition yesterday after Remy Ma allegedly climbed into the Bronx woman’s car, accused her of stealing about $3,000 and blasted her twice.

“What hurts me is that when she shot me she went over and dumped the bag,” the woman said of the shooting early Saturday in the Meatpacking District. “She didn’t even say, ‘Oh, my God, I just shot her.’ That’s what hurt me so much.”

Remy Ma, 26, whose real name is Remy Smith, pleaded not guilty yesterday to attempted murder, first-degree assault and weapons charges. The former leading lady of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad turned herself in Saturday. She was released yesterday from Rikers Island after her manager put up his home as collateral to satisfy a $250,000 bond.

As she walked toward a waiting Cadillac Escalade about 10:45 p.m., she warned photographers out of her way with an expletive-laced attack. Then she spit out a wad of gum.

The manager, who identified himself as Big Joe of New Era Management, defended the Bronx bad girl. “I don’t see her as the kind of person who would shoot someone,” he said. “Remy doesn’t carry a gun.”

The manager speculated the victim was after a quick payday. “We have a criminal investigation that will soon turn into a lawsuit for millions of dollars,” he said.

The rapper joined Barnes-Joseph and as many as 40 other friends at a birthday party filled with dancing, expensive drinks and thin-crust pizzas at the upscale Pizza Bar on Ninth Ave. near W. 14th St., cops said.

Barnes-Joseph briefly held Remy Ma’s purse and then handed it back to her. Both women left the bar about 3:40 a.m. – Remy Ma getting into her Cadillac Escalade with three men and Barnes-Joseph getting into her Nissan Maxima, cops said.

Remy Ma, apparently noticing cash missing from her purse, got out of the SUV and climbed into the passenger seat of the Maxima, the victim said.

“Dump the bag!” the rapper demanded, before snatching Barnes-Joseph’s purse and shaking it until most of its contents were strewn about the car, she recalled.

“Wait a second,” Barnes-Joseph pleaded.

The irate rapper whipped out a gun and shot her twice in the midsection at W. 14th St. and Washington St., cops said.

“This is a premeditated action,” said Boris Barnes, the victim’s dad, adding that Remy Ma was jealous of his daughter’s looks. “She meant to kill my daughter.”

After the shooting, Remy Ma rummaged through the victim’s purse while Barnes-Joseph slumped over, Boris Barnes said. The rapper then jumped into her blue Escalade, which crashed into a vehicle a few blocks later, cops said.

Barnes-Joseph said she had been a close friend of Remy Ma’s for more than a decade.

“The fact she would think I would steal from her,” said Barnes-Joseph, “it hurts me because I thought she was a friend of mine.”


big up to reader “GetzMoney” for the tip about the victim Makeda Barnes-Joseph’s myspace page. One interesting thing I noticed on her page was a message from a friend named Krys-Style. Krys-Style is an aspiring rapper whose birthday Remy and Makeda were celebrating on the night of the shooting. And according to this message, Krys-Style was actually on hand at the incident trying to help her friend Makeda after she got shot in her Nissan Maxima.

Krys-Style wrote (and yes, this is exactly how it was worded/spelled):

“u r my heart n right now its not beatn i layed wit u n my arms beggin dont leve me as u begg me dont let u die!! god listen 2us and he answered ok/ he didnt take u away from me. i luv u so much and i cant move until ur in bra tops n low rider linens. then my heart will beat again!!! MDOTSTACKS I FUCKN LUV U. THEY CAN NEVA BREAK US!!!!NEVAAAA”

Elsewhere on Makeda Barnes-Joseph’s myspace page and many notes of “get-well” and support, as well as some friends who have even changed their screen-names to things like “FUCK DAT BITCH? U MESSD W/THE WRONG FUCKIN FAMILY!” and “FUCK DAT BITCH REMY MA U LUCKY MY BUZZ DID NOT DIE.” Yikes! (I believe “Buzz” is Makeda’s nickname in that second example.)