Not sure what this goat zeitgeist is all about. But these stinky, noisy, farm animals are friggin’ everywhere. Goats schilling for Doritos, Goat’s milk kefir > Gogurt, Goats yelling like humans. And now, Tyler the Creator has directed a series of Mountain Dew soda commercials, starring a belligerent (I guess that’s the baseline personality for goats anyways) goat named Felicia.
Um. Ok.

Watch Tyler’s Felicia The Goat x Mountain Dew clip…
But more importantly…watch the “goats screaming like humans” video.
No comparison!!!

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Mountain Dew Starring Felicia The Goat And Errol Chatham: Dir. By Wolf Haley (aka Tyler The Creator)

BUT WHAT ABOUT THESE GOATS???? Specifically the goat at the 1:01 minute mark. AMAZING.

What did I tell you?

Oh, and for good measure…Doritos was on trend with the goat thing early.

Personally. I think goats are gross. And their meat is gamey. I appreciate their magical milk though. It’s digestible even for lactose-intolerant poors like me.

Madison Ave….bring back the bunnies!

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