Hmmmm? TMZ has obtained footage from 2008 that catches Tyga talking about his comfortable upbringing in the Valley…not Compton. The footage, which never aired, was from an MTV show called “Bustas” that pins wanna-be rappers against each other to play games that perpetuate ignorant stereotypes like “Guess the Rapper By His Grill” and “Is This a Real Rolex?” Before being signed to Young Money, Tyga appeared as a contestant on the show (that was later scrapped) and introduced himself as a young cat who grew up “not too tough” but “still street.”

Watch the eyebrow-raising clip after the jump…

Rap excerpt: “It’s T-Y-G-A, they say I’m not hood ’cause I stay in the valley. They said I never been in the alley. I tell them cats I been in the alley”

Miss Info: So Tyga was more Carlton Banks than Fresh Prince? Ehh, I don’t see what the big deal is….lord knows, hip hop has seen more than its share of “active imaginations” rappers. And those full neck, body, arm, hand tattoos were clear signs of someone overcompensating, lol. The kid’s first song was about limes and coconuts. That’s that Whole Foods swag.

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