In an age where album sales are down and streaming companies pay artists less than a cent per stream, Tupac’s posthumous work has proven to be exceptionally valuable. Earlier this year, his handwritten lyrics for “Catchin’ Feelings” fetched more than $40,000 — but that number pales in comparison to what his latest item sold for.

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Over the weekend, one of ‘Pac’s handwritten essays earned a whopping $172,750 at Goldin Auctions. Titled Is Thug Life Dead?, the four-page essay was written in 1995 when ‘Pac was in Clinton Correctional Facility, and was addressed to Nina Bhadreshwar, a British writer and artist who worked as a publicist for Death Row Records.

“This remarkable letter from Tupac exemplifies what’s thrilling about the auction business as this recently discovered find caught the eye of several serious and well-heeled bidders who went back and forth for hours until this record-setting price was reached,” said Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions.





Lead Image via Chi Modu

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