It’s one of the most addictive, darkest, and at times, slow-moving show on premium-cable right now…True Detective is like Lethal Weapon meets Twin Peaks meets Angel Heart (see below). Matthew McConaughey (as Rust Cohle) and his real-life bestie Woody Harrelson (as Martin Hart) are incredible as two very very flawed and dysfunctional detectives who happen to be emotionally-handcuffed to each other all because of a old closed case of Satanic serial killer.
I think that sums it up, but at the same time, there’s some sticky sexual betrayal, tons of flashbacks, a disturbing daughter-gone-wild, a mysterious internal investigation, drastic hair-style changes, Rust Cohle’s deep philosophical thoughts about doomed humanity…all in a drawling Louisiana accent. Party Time, Excellent!

It’s exactly this enticing but confusing mix that made me laugh out loud when I watched this True Detective spoof from Community‘s Joel McHale and The Soup
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The Soup: Can Anyone Understand “True Detective?”

…this Sunday night is the season finale of True Detective on HBO. Do you think they’ll wrap up the first season by actually catching “The Yellow King”? Or do you think this villain will have a multi-season arch? Seems like there are so many loose ends to wrap up in one hour.

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Angel Heart movie trailer from 1996. Lisa Bonet and Mickey Rourke forever!

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