I’m looking forward to the return of HBO‘s True Blood on June 26, but I also remember those moments of toe-curling irritation from season 2 (namely, the vibrating maenad Maryann, and everything related to Tara and Eggs), so I’m cautious about over hyping. Season 3 was solid, loved Russell and his boyfriend. This season there will be witches joining the vampires and werewolves, Eric has amnesia and Godric is coming back!? Sounds good so far…
Speaking of overhype, how frustrating is The Killing nowadays? That first ep made me think it was the second coming of Twin Peaks….now, it’s fizzling like Rubicon: (
Anyways, watch the first 3 minutes of True Blood‘s Season 4 debut above…Sookie is in her hazy fairyland, and sees her grandfather… (spotted on Vulture)

True Blood sucked…but Lafayette was “Spectacular”
Ack! Rihanna joins hot vampire and football stud in a movie based on…a boardgame?!

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Some of the new trailers and a short chat with the whole cast…
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In advance of the new season, HBO also created these slightly pointless clips of the stars just looking at the camera. But somehow, Lafayette even makes this interesting.