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So….remember when that song came out over Thanksgiving weekend? That Young Jeezy “Trap or Die 2” with an added verse from Gucci Mane. Well, the fun part was hearing all the experts talking about how it was it was a fake song, that it wasn’t a sign of any new development in the Gucci x Jeezy beef, how it was just a beat that Gucci had for a while so that’s how his verse emerged…I started to say that the ice between Gucci and Jeezy had thawed, but you can’t convince folk of anything that they don’t want to believe. Plus, it was supposed to be on the low….so, I left it alone. But, low and behold, tonite, down in Atlanta, Young Jeezy appeared on DJ Drama‘s Hot107.9 Atlanta radio show (which is a major step forward too, given their recent history), and then Drama conferenced in Gucci Mane from the Fulton County Jail….and all three men said that they were putting aside their years of bad blood, and moving forward in peace…and hopefully music? Either way, this is good for hip hop, so kudos to all three.

(thanks to Illy, Dre and Yessie for sending me the audio, and thanks to Latrice for her insight)

Part 1: Young Jeezy and DJ Drama and Gucci Mane

Part 2: Young Jeezy and DJ Drama and Gucci Mane

and in this clip, Drama conferences in Gucci Mane to talk with him and Jeezy together….

Music: Young Jeezy’s “Trap or Die 2” featuring a new verse from Gucci Mane

[audio:Young Jeezy – Trap Or Die 2 feat Gucci Mane.mp3]


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