Picture 11

(Tru Life, second from right, with brothers Seven Dirty, far left, and Debo, far right)

This news was twittered this morning by VladTV, and followed a week of police speculation in the tabloids…

According to sources: Tru Life, along with his brother ***[Update: see below, is it Seven Dirty or Debo?] and 2 other associates, have turned themselves into NYPD for questioning. They are suspects in last week’s 9:30am stabbing of two men in an apartment lobby on the east side of Manhattan. A 30-year-old man, named Jason Black, is still being treated at Bellevue Hospital, but an 18-year-old man died from his injuries. From what my sources say, the violence is all part of an LES beef that goes back for years….culminating last Sunday when Tru’s crew ran into the rival crew at Pacha Nightclub. A man named Michael Slater was shot outside of Pacha at 4am and then taken to Bellevue Hospital. Slater’s associates went to Bellevue and then allegedly left there to go home, and were ambushed. According to the Daily News, police believe “five men were waiting in parked cars outside the E. 26th St. building and jumped their victims when they stepped into the lobby just before 9:30 a.m.”

Tru Life was former signed to Loud Records, then signed to Roc-la-Familia. Seven was previously known for taking part in Tru Life’s beef with Jim Jones and Cam’ron. He also appeared on Tru’s Ghetto Inmates crew mixtapes and released a music video for the song, “Do it all again.”

UPDATE: a new source insists that only Tru Life is in custody…and that it may not be Seven Dirty who is suspected. That perhaps it is his other brother Debo. My original source said that the brother who turned himself in with Tru Life also went by the name M7. Now I’m thoroughly confused. Hopefully I’ll have more clarity on this tomorrow. Seven used to hit me up on myspace and he was always very polite, very friendly.