Mikey Fresh: Trinidad James refuses to be written off as a one hit wonder. Now that the buzz from his tremendous breakthrough single “All Gold Everything” has carved out a place for him in today’s hip-hop landscape, all eyes are on him to show and prove. “Females Welcomed” was definitely a strong follow up, but the ATL rapper has a lot more to do. Recently, Trinidad sat down with Miss Info for an exclusive sit-down and announced that this  Tues, Aug 13th, he’s dropping the follow-up to his 2012 buzz-starter Dont Be S.A.F.E. While chatting outside in New York City, Trinidad revealed the project’s title and producers.

“It’s called 10 PC Mild which is my my favorite thing to order from the wingspot in Atlanta, called American Deli. 10 songs of course, that’s my strategy. I really love it. I love it the same I love my first project.

“To me it’s different because the beat selection is better. I got some Chops, my engineer J. Patron, Travis Scott, Childish Major. “

Watch Part 1 of our Trinidad James interview…
and check out the mixtape cover of 10 Piece Mild after the jump…

Miss Info and Trinidad James, park chat part 1. (dir. by Maritza Bolivar)

I didn’t know “Pop a molly, I’m sweatin” was going to be the next American catch phrase.” -Trinidad James

Miss Info: Last month while me and Mikey Fresh were out in LA for the  2013 BET Awards, we got a chance to chat with Trinidad James about his performance on the pre-show. But before we could get to the standard “interview”, he stopped me to talk about the 2009 Gucci Mane interview series I did in front of the very projects Gucc once served out of. Trinidad said he watched it long before he met Gucci (they’re buddies now), and felt it was the only time a very misunderstood man had a chance to open up. I was flattered then, also a bit surprised….And was once more when he hit me up to chat during the NY stop of his Under The Influence (of Music) tour.
Trinidad and I sat down in the park (in the West Village, not quite ATL) and once again he surprised me with his sort of zen acceptance of his place in this crazy hip hop business. We will post more of that conversation later this week, but for now, check out the mixtape cover for 10 PC Mild! Dropping next Tuesday, August 13th!

Cover art for 10 PC Mild (Aug 13th)…Coming soon: the tracklisting and part 2 of the Miss Info x Trinidad James interview:

TJ 10PC Mild Cover

Oh and one last thing: Here’s the part 7 snippet in Trinidad’s ongoing 10 PC Mild tease….

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