You could say the MissInfo.TV home page today is a summary of the diversity coming out of Chicago in 2014 (shouts to FakeShoreDrive). You’ve got the youthful energy of SaveMoney’s Joey Purp and Kami de Chukwu, the authentic street raps of Lil Bibby, and then there’s Tree, who doesn’t really fit into any of the aforementioned boxes.

That’s not just because of his age (he’s 29), but more so his unique blend of raw, unfiltered rhymes (“I said my father was a addict”), “soul trap” production and a strained delivery that belongs to a tortured soul. Tree released the impressive Sunday School II mixtape last year, which included contributions from Danny Brown, Roc Marciano and Bink!

Today, the Windy City native teams up with Scion AV to present his latest release, The @MCTREEG EP. It’s a lowkey affair at only seven songs, featuring two guest spots from Lennon of Project Mayhem and Taylor Outlaw, but it contains all the ingredients that make Tree such a compelling producer, rapper and character.

The @MCTREEG EP is seven songs of me at my most vulnerable yet strongest. I really made great music for the masses with this one which Scion saw as well.

Stream and download The @MCTREEG EP after the jump…


via Noisey