The players: Ye=Kanye, DC=Kanye’s manager Don C., Pap1=Photographer 1, Pap2=Cameraman, Lady1=airport employee in grey, Lady2= lady in black, etc…

Picture 9

Ye: Gimme dat camera! Give a Black man a chance… to walk past all the non-Black people waiting in line! I…want…dat…camera. Man!

Pap1: You can’t have it! (Oh s–t, is this really happening?) Give a pap a chance…to make a living walking the line between harassment and photojournalism! Dude!

DC: What’s that guy have, Ye? (Candy? Shoes? Bape? I want some….)

Lady 1: Boarding pass?

Lady 2: (Damn, California gay rights.)

Picture 8

Ye: I got it! Don, this dude got exclusive photos of Kanye West! I’mma post them on Kanyeuniversecity. Firrsst, Bitches! (….wait a minute.)

DC: (damn, it’s not Bape) Ok, gimme the hand off…meet you in the Premier Lounge. Wi-fi!

Pap1: Oww, my hand! (Doesn’t he get photographed all the time?… the Skycap told me Kanye West was here….is this not Kanye West? Designer bag? Check. Bling? No!…uh oh.)

Lady 1: No, that’s not your boarding pass.

Lady 2: (Oh, wait, they’re not gay. They’re rappers. No, thank you. I’ll just wait over here.)

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Picture 10

DC: We wrassling photographers and this lady is really sweating a boarding pass! Go away!

Lady 1: Just doing my job, sir. (…cotdamn first-class ticketholders) I.D., please.

Ye: At least we got that camera….wait…its ugly as s–t.  I hate ugly things. Throw that s–t on the floor! Smash that s–t! Yuck!

Pap1: Dude! Do you see this? I’m gonna be famous!

Pap2: Yeah, I see you! You doing it real big! Scream more. (This is even better than catching Fabolous passed out with his mouth open)

Picture 12

Ye: (Ok, time to jet. Just blend…blend….nothing to see here…)

Lady 2 to Lady 1: You just gonna let them walk away like that?

Lady 1: Just doing my job.

Picture 13

DC: Hold up, what you doin?!

Pap2: (uh oh….its Kanye West’s….bodyguard. He’s smaller than I expected.) Huh? Me?

Ye: (blending….doing good)

Picture 14

DC: Oh, you think you slick! Well what if I grab this small fuzzy foam piece that’s on top of your camera? What if I snatch that, break it off with one hand? Now what!

Pap2: No, man, no! Please! (that would be the external mic…yes, snatch that sh–t. thank you)

Picture 15

Pap 2: is that Pastelle?

DC: whatchu think? uhh! (fire)

Picture 16

DC: That just happened. I’m out! (this mark won’t be posting any video of us fighting in the airport, beleeedat.)

Pap2: Oh my god, I have got to get to my computer. Best day ever.

Picture 17

Security1: Don’t move, everyone! What the hell is going on here…now that the something that was going on here a few seconds ago is over and all 3 of the actual people involved are no longer here! We ran here as soon as we could tell that something was over!

Pap2: Owunno….I’m just standing here with this camera. How would I know?

Picture 18

Security1: Oh, of course…I’m so sorry. Thank you for chosing American.