I’m excited for this new series to start on MTV (whens the last time anyone said that?) because my friend Joseph Patel has been working on it for a long time and he’s sharp. I don’t always love what the Vice group does. But they have a hardcore following and I can’t wait to see how offended the PC-police will be about some of the things Vice is likely to do on this show. The outrage must be part of the promo plan, but given Vice’s history of offensive, subversive, educational, and sometimes hilarious content….I’m just impressed that it’ll air on MTV at all. (lol @ the pile of glittery “drugs” at the 0:20 second mark). Maybe the suits feel that this will be their new “Jackass.” (that’s doubtful) The last time I was surprised something got on MTV/VH1 was when my Ego Trip family had their Illest Minority Moments show in 2004. Classic classic awesome TV. The Vice Guide to Everything airs on Dec 6, at 11pm.

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