This rom-com starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling comes off a bit Hitch-like, with a pinch of Apatow?  (UPDATE: Ack! Damn u, Bugs Bunny. The trailer is down on all the youtube links…but Nation looked out for his fellow Canadian, Ryan, and sent over this link ; )
Either way, I can’t wait for it to come out in July.

For obvious reasons….

I love Julianne Moore’s comic timing.

lol. well maybe not just that.

(thanks to Sean Fennessey n JlaPuma for the tweet heads up)

By the way….I forgot how hilarious and cute this F–k Yeah! Ryan Gosling! Tumblr was….it slightly annoys me that it’s written by some team that also does a FY! Anne Hathaway Tumblr (eww), but it’s still adorably hilarious and snarky. I especially appreciate that a guy friend is the one who sent it over today after my RyGo twitter rant. That’s what friends are for ; )