Tinashe is known to set a little thirst trap here and there, but her new Complex cover will have you dying a slow death of dehydration. As well as giving her raciest photo shoot yet, the 22-year-old starlet — along with her mother, father and two brothers — speaks with Ross Scarano about fame, family life and her upcoming album, Joyride, which she says is “80 percent” done. In the most revealing part of the interview, Tinashe opens up about her moments of self-doubt — as both an artist and a person.

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“I’m not a big fan of downtime,” she says. “I have too much time to think.” About what? She scoffs, like it should be obvious. “That I’m not doing enough. That I’m not good enough. That I’m wasting my time.”

She’s a shark and if she stops moving, doubt and self-scrutiny get in. Michael says that this self-doubt is the quality in their daughter that he and his wife are most surprised by. They can explain where the work ethic came from (Mom), the love of music and performance (Dad), the fondness for checklists (Mom), but this habit of getting stuck in her own head, that they can’t account for. It was a problem for her in middle school and freshman year of high school, and she recalls those bad feelings in front of her family.

“Nobody wanted to fuck with me. As far as the guys go, nobody wanted to like me or date me. They’d talk to me in secret and then at school they’d ignore me. Literally ignore me to my face. And psychologically that messes with you. It makes you feel that you must be genuinely unattractive if this person doesn’t want anyone to know that you even talk. That’s bad.”

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