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While the likes of Drake and Chris Brown have used Aaliyah’s vocals on records in the last year, the late singer’s close collaborator and mentor Timbaland has been heavily protective of her material. In another revealing portion of his interview with Revolt TV, the super producer shot down Breezy and Drizzy’s respective collaborations, saying they “won’t work.” He believes that “Aaliyah music only works with its soul-mate, which is me.”

In music, people always say, “I’ma do a song with Aaliyah.” It will never work. A lot of these rappers out here are awful. Chris Brown got a record; it won’t work. Drake could do a record with Aaliyah; it ain’t going to work. Aaliyah music only work with its soul-mate, which is me.

However, Timbo did go on to praise Drake and recalled the time he persuaded Jay-Z to “adopt” him. Later in the interview, the producer also revealed he’s working on Nas’ new album, which includes a collaboration with Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake called “Sinatra in the Sands,” which he promises is “completely stupid.”

I told Jay this, I said, “the person who gets me from hip-hop now, their album’s gonna be phenomenal” — and that’s Nas. Nas got a song right now with him, Jay and Justin and it’s completely stupid. It’s called “Sinatra in the Sands,” and Justin sounds like Frank Sinatra. This is it.

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