hmmm, something fishy is up. TI got arrested today in Atlanta. Given the watchful eye of hip hop police across the country, that fact is not all that surprising. Not that I figure TI does much of anything wrong these days besides weed and some driving infractions.

But why would “The ATF, U.S. Marshalls: Fugitive Task Force, Fulton County SWAT, Fulton County PD, Dekalb County PD, and the ATF/Atlanta PD Violent Crime Impact Team” all be raiding his house and arresting him? That’s an awful lot of badges and ammo belts in one place, right?

So far, no word on the actual charge, but….we’ll see. sigh. Sidenote: the authorities are probably high fiving each other on the way they timed the raid exactly at the time of the start of the BET awards, to jam Mr. “Multi-nominee” Clifford Harris up that much more, eh? Oh you thought you were gonna have a good night? No, sireebob.

UPDATE: according to LT. Dinwiddie at SOHH, the ATF had been investigating TI for illegal gun purchases, and now he’s been arrested for violating probation. Ugh. That’s what bonded security is for. Why not even send a cousin or something through training school and get them licensed?

UPDATE 2: Well, it looks like the FBI arrested one of TI’s bodyguards last week when he tried to buy machine guns (?!?) and silencers (aw, frick) for TI. The bodyguard flipped on Tip and told the feds that he’s bought 17 guns so far for TI and various members of his crew.

Complete disaster for one of the most promising artists in the game. A huge album, a huge movie, a Chevy deal and more….sigh

On a semi-related but not really note: The Hustlaz sent me a link to The Professional Hater, which has photos of TI and Ludacris laying down the hatchet and performing at a pre-BET Awards photo op celebration. If friendships in hip hop don’t have to be real, why should the opposite be?