Radio City Music Hall
(this photo from the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards was actually from 2006, when the awards came back to New York City after almost getting shut down by a hurricane in Miami during 2005. But I also did a series of “bling reports” for MTV’s 2006 VMA’s as well.)

After writing a book on the history of hip hop jewelry, called Bling Bling: Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels, (which help from my friends Dana Albarella, Brent Rollins, Andrea Duncan-Mao and more)….I got the chance to do some really fun web-packages with my MTV News family for the Video Music Awards (back when budgets were fat enough to accommodate multiple camera crews, production staff and travel, lol). More so in the book than in the clips, there were so many funny stories behind the gems, that it was more about exploring the personalities than the purchases.

Kenny from YAF was nice enough to pass along this clip from the 2005 VMAs, in which your intrepid reporter, Info (and my questionable blond highlights), talked to everyone from Lil Jon, to Trina, to a practically face-tattoo-less Lil’ Wayne, and more….
All for the love of conspicuous consumption and over-accessorizing : )

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lol @ my hair. And Usher’s lame “US” chain.
I wish I was still doing these Bling Reports….because I could talk to Nicki Minaj about her “Eamona” earrings from the “Massive Attack” video that my boy ReggieKnow (ThisDay) and Melody Ehsani created….as well as those kooky Gucci and Waka chains.