This song just might be my summer 2011 jam. I’m wild about “Im On One” and that sick Jai Paul “BTSTU” but the former is played every 15 minutes, and the latter is over a year old (I know, late pass. It might have been never-pass if it weren’t for 40’s sample on Drake‘s “DMCB”). Anyways, back to this song “Wildfire” by UK producer/DJ/mask-wearer SBTRKT, featuring Japanese-Swedish singer Yukimi Nagano (from Little Dragon). There’s some pinko hipster electro to it, and dubstep I think, and still hip hop too. And the remix featuring Drake has made me dance around the living room in slippers since it came out over a month ago. Listen to it here if you missed it.

As for this video….well, perhaps director Sam Pilling has been watching too many twisted Korean and Japanese horror flicks. Was this gal an extra in Audition or A Tale of Two Sisters? She kept her black undereye makeup on. While this clip screams anything but sexy dance party…it’s still more interesting to watch than Drake and a hot girl sitting with their backs to each other in a white hotel room. SBTRKT‘s self-titled album is out now.

Speaking of Drake…

I laughed outloud and agreed with many parts of this nicely-done Drake analysis piece by Chris Ryan on (read in full):

“After the show, it’s the after-party. And after the party it’s the hotel lobby, which you shuffle sadly out of into an unforgiving sunrise, and you realize that money, power and rosé can’t buy you inner peace. So, if you’re Drake, you grow a beard and make some songs about that sad epiphany.
The ACL-injury-suffering, Toronto-representing, Young-Money-affiliated MC has been drumming up anticipation for his upcoming sophomore album, Take Care, with a series of feel-bad songs of the summer, like “Marvins Room” and “Trust Issues.” Even the triumphantly titled “Dreams Money Can Buy” is rife with lyrical bummers, with Drizzy claiming he doesn’t have time to learn how to drive stick and worrying about how to get his girl through customs. Someone call Drake’s therapist, he’s on fire. She should work tonight….
The video for “Marvins Room” is basically “previously on the saddest episode of Entourage ever made …” Think of it as a DJ Khaled video directed by Mark Duplass: the impossible happens (there is nowhere in North America that Drake can drink alone at a bar) and the awkward is documented (is there a chapter in The Game about drunkenly shoving your four-day beard in a girl’s face?)…”

Also, one of my NMC pals pointed out this interesting tweet from Drake. Is he reacting to Chris Brown’s “Marvin’s Room” freestyle? Or Big Sean’s quotes about his flow influence? Those guys don’t miss even the tiniest passing remark.

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