I saw this teaser for Season 2 of HBO’s Eastbound and Down on Vulture (thank you Edith). And I rejoiced. Kenny Powers is my kind of guy. The kind that isn’t afraid to ride a moped. The kind who speaks first, thinks later. A man who enjoys a sunglass at night. When he wears a wifebeater, the fatty parts of his chest makes it look more like a camisole. Kenny found full-cut jeans in the late 80’s. And he stuck with them. Hello? This man’s hair is Tempur-pedic.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the new season. Lots. And since, the homie Noah went public with this on twitter, how genius would it have been to see a Kenny Powers x Cam’ron cover of Complex Magazine?! Called the A$$holes Issue? LOL! A missed gem.
Well, in the meantime, You must watch this Kenny Powers x K-Swiss faux-ad came out a few weeks ago….Pure Hilarity!

Enjoy it after the jump…

One more HBO promo for Eastbound and Down….