Remember being a fan? Of anything? Its few and far between these days. I revel in being a Lost-superfan. And I was definitely moved at that Glow in the Dark show last month. I remember being in heaven at that crazy Pepsi smash/SOB’s impromptu jam session last year…..and….hmmm, the rest I’d have to really think about. (Not including non-entertainment related moments of pure joy, of course…like family events or personal ones….or food experiences, lol)

And of course, I recall that those fan-moments were alot more frequent for me back in the day***….that’s with everyone….we all get jaded over time.

But anyways, thats why I really appreciate this surprise phone call that Eminem made to DJ Tony Touch’s Sirius show while LL Cool J was up there as a guest. I don’t know any of the background on it (was it pre-planned, did LL really have no idea who was on the line, how could you miss that voice!, what prompted the call, etc). But it doesnt really matter. I just love the fact that its one hip hop fan showing one hip hop artist, how his work has impacted his life. Bong.

UPDATE: So according to the homie Reef who runs Shade 45/Sirius, the prank was all Eminem’s idea (nice!), and LL truly had no idea until the end. LL heads to Detroit next month, wouldn’t it be cool to hear them rock bells together?

(thanks to Sav for sending this…..and Eskay posted some great moments in Slim Shady lyricism.)

Eminem prank calls LL Cool J on DJ Tony Touch’s show….


(download here)

***hmmm….like the time I saw Jodeci at the Apollo. Total fandamonium… There was a Geto Boys show in Chicago back in the days….Biggie and Puffy’s party at Roseland ballroom, that was a good good time….Nas’ party….was it Melting Pot or Essos or some Maria Davis spot….hmmm……wait, Tavern on the Green? I’m pretty sure there were gunshots at all of them….Brand Nubian/CypressHill/Nice n Smooth at Columbia U…… Das Efx, Supacat and Kriss Kross with Clark Kent at Daily Planet (amazing party)……Wu Tang Clan at Trafalgar Square (I was definitely not supposed to be at some of these spots, lol)….Soul Kitchen…

oh well, you get the idea