Pharrell‘s new artist on his revamped I Am Other label is a young guys from Compton named Buddy (spotted via BrokeMogul). Yup, just Buddy. And without any of the angst and pre-set rejection of other nearby rap crews, Buddy’s new video “Awesome Awesome,” is an accessible, approachable invite into this kid’s backyard cut party.
There are skateboards, of course, but also bicycles and shoplifting and fat girls and white girls and dumb dancing….Cali young fun. If you have to make early comparisons to another very lifestyle-immersive crew of new video stars, the A$APs (ie Rocky)…they both have loads of charisma, but where Rocky emphasizes style, Buddy emphasizes…smiles?
Then again, happiness is a Pharrell bass drum thump.

It’s too early too judge, but these days, that means it’s about 2 weeks before it’s too late. (Just try keeping up with Azealia Banks!) So I’ll just jump to the conclusion that I like this guy! I also like this simple video. Reminds me of another Cali house party…more hair, more flannel, same girlfight ; )

Watch after the jump…

How funny and adorable was this guy, way back when…..

Speaking of Azealia Banks, I referenced the hysteria surrounding this young female mc from Harlem. I don’t know why her video “212” was pulled off youtube, but it was bright and spunky….and according to a high-powered industry lawyer, every label is throwing paperwork at her. When I first watched “212” last month, I mentioned that she’s like every supercool shopgirl you see in Soho, working for wages but off in their own cool world. And it looks like Azealia has actual lyrics to back up the hype. Like a better faster stronger Neneh Cherry!
You can listen to “212” here.
Azealia Banks- 212 by abeano
And watch video of her performing in Montreal recently…

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