Santana is serious about taking his spot back in rap. We’ve waited long enough, and he knows this. With his comeback mixtape set to drop on Monday, Elz had a jam packed press day at Def Jam earlier this week. Despite being hours late, I stuck it out and sat down with Juelz to discuss his new projects and plans for 2013. Of course, our first order of business was the music. Our convo eventually shifted to the more personal records he’s been laying down lately. Fans know he can deliver swag rap with the best of ’em, but it when it comes down to songs that touch souls Dipset’s baby boy says he got one in store.

“I have one song that’s definitely a crazy topic on my mixtape. It’s called “My Will.” And, it’s really me writing out my living will. It’s not really about my last days, but it’s like ‘What would happen if I die tonight,” Juelz continues. “A lot young people don’t think like that because we out here living reckless, doing what we do, but we don’t think about what would happen if we pass away.”

“It was just the thoughts that came into my head… those ‘Where would this go? Who would get that? How would this go down?’ I was just trying to get it all out. This song is for the fans that loved my “Who Am I” type of songs. “My Will” is going to be their favorite.” — via

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