The latest viral sensation which caught the world by storm last week turns out to be fake. The mastermind behind “worst twerk FAIL video” turned out to be late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel. On Monday night’s airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host and woman seen crashing into a table name “Caitlin Heller” played the director’s cut. Heller, whose real name is Daphne Avalon, is a stuntwoman who crashed into a table of candles after attempting to twerk on a not-so-stable door.

Some questioned if the video was indeed real after abruptly ending following Avalon’s crash. In the director’s cut, Kimmel donning an identical pink t-shirt, rushes in with a fire extinguisher in hand putting out the fire cause by Avalon. With a cheeky grin, Jimmy leans towards the camera and throws a thumbs up to viewers. Making headlines across the world on networks such as CNN, the video has now gained 9,329,262 views since its original release on YouTube.

Click below as Jimmy Kimmel shows and explains his latest hoax…..

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