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Florence and the Machine have been building up steam for their new album, Ceremonials, which drops on Oct. 31. I’m obsessed with the first single, “What the Water Gave Me,” and the second single “Shake It Off,” is hitting iTunes on Oct 2nd, with a special bonus remix, produced by The Weeknd.
Check out this radio rip of The Weeknd’s remix that Zane Lowe premiered on BBC Radio in the UK! (Spotted via HipHopNMore)

New Music: Florence and the Machine “Shake It Out (Remix)” Produced by The Weeknd

I think it’s interesting to hear Florence’s vocals over the Weeknd’s signature sound collage, but I wish he had lent more of his voice as well.
When I spoke to Florence at the Grammy press room earlier this year, she hinted that she had been working with Drake. I wonder if that collabo will turn up his Take Care, or her Ceremonials.

Listen to the original and much lighter version of “Shake It Out”….
And watch my favorite, the “What the Water Gave Me” video…
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Florence and the Machine “Shake it Out” (original version)

Florence and the Machine “What the Water Gave Me”

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