The Weeknd, that ever-illusive singer/songwriter made his much anticipated live show debut at Toronto’s Mod Club on Sunday night. The show was just supposed to be The Weeknd’s practice run for his upcoming appearance at Drake’s OVOfest, but the club’s tickets sold out within three hours, and fans were reportedly lined up as early as noon on Sunday afternoon. The Weeknd and a live band performed about an hour and a half of songs off his critically acclaimed House of Balloons mixtape to a packed house, while Drake and record bigwigs such as Joie Manda/WarnerBros. and Harve Pierre/BadBoy, looked on.

Above, The Weeknd performs “High For This,” the song that also appeared on Sunday’s season opener of HBO’s Entourage. (Props to NOW Magazine)

Fans will get a second chance to catch The Weeknd in a week when he opens up for Drake and Rick Ross at the second annual OVO Festival during Toronto’s Caribana festival.

Watch The Weeknd performing “The Birds (Part 1)”, “What You Need”, “Loft Music”, “Rolling Stone”, “House of Balloons”, etc…
And see twitpics from the audience…
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“The Birds (Part 1)”

What You Need.”

“Loft Music”

“Rolling Stone”

“House of Balloons”

“The Party & The After Party” (videos via Danjafeetz and Sweetie2Shy)

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